social media marketing

social media marketing

Rachel Antonoff

  • Rachel Antonoff is an NYC based fashion designer and creator

  • I copy wrote and published social media posts across all of the company/designer's profiles via photos, gifs, and for company partnerships. 

  • I created social media concepts and strategies for the future.

    • Twitter account (22.9k followers)

    • Facebook like page (10k likes) via photos, gifs, and company partnerships

  • RUPA plans, markets, and oversees over 175 events for undergraduate students at Rutgers University

    • This includes 40,000+ undergraduate students across 5 campuses in New Brunswick, NJ

  • I revived the #MyRUPAExperience campaign, geared towards increasing student involvement in events

  • I worked with graphic designers to create branding materials

  • I created promotional campaigns for all comedy and media related RUPA events through:

    • social media, the RUPA web page, newspaper ads, brochures, RUTV, campus radio, informational displays, semester calendars, promotional events, flyers and posters.

The Light Leaks

  • The Light Leaks is an online community I'm starting for the advancement of female and nonbinary filmmakers

  • It will serve as a place of inspiration, education and support

  • I run all social media accounts and engagement is growing everyday