the light leaks


Hi, my name is Kim Hoyos, and I’m the founder of the Light Leaks.

The Light Leaks, as I envision it, will be a website to serve as an outlet for the films of women and non-binary filmmakers.

I’m trying to create the site that I needed as much at age 16 as I do now.
I am starting this site to connect, empower and educate because of how deeply media affects us as a society.

When I went to college, I found myself reading many academic journals and writing many research papers that made me realize just how terrible representation in film is for so many people.

Media teaches us the way we deal with ourselves and others, but if the creators of media are all the same (straight, upper-class, white and male), as is the case with film, then the industry is not equal.

Film is meant to allow us to explore human nature, situations and society; however, if only one identity is creating, then all other perspectives are erased. This is an injustice to all of us. So, I want the Light Leaks to be for all ages, identities and backgrounds. I feel that if we create spaces online that are purely a celebration of female and non-binary creators, we can highlight talent and normalize it, pushing viewers to healthier media.

Media has always served as a marker of our society’s growth, acceptance and education.

The best response to change the film industry is to create our spaces, to create our work and to support each other.