the light leaks

The Light Leaks

Founded in 2017, The Light Leaks is a website I founded that seeks to combat lack of representation in film by spotlighting female and non-binary filmmakers. I started the Light Leaks because I saw the need for community as a young female filmmaker looking for support, exposure, and information. I realized that the Light Leaks would fill a gap that was present in the digital space- a grassroots effort by an individual, not a media company- that would bring filmmakers together in an approachable way. Through interviews with creators, spotlights on short films, and published think pieces by a community of filmmakers, the Light Leaks serves as a space for empowerment, support, and education.

In its’ first year, The Light Leaks had already published over 30 pieces of original editorial content, hosted two lives events, and established seven partner sites. Since then, The Light Leaks has become an LLC, opened an online store, and launched a Patreon. I work as the social media manager, editor in chief, and general curator. I also coordinate and direct the site's volunteer editor and freelance illustrators, vendors, and intern. 

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