the light leaks

The Light Leaks

The Light Leaks is a site I established to combat the lack of representation in film by spotlighting female and nonbinary filmmakers. The lack of representation in film stems from the lack of diverse creators in the mainstream film industry, and the lack of resources for aspiring filmmakers of these identities. By establishing The Light Leaks, the film industry is another step closer to accurate representation and a community for all. Through interviews with creators, spotlights on short films, and published think pieces by a community of filmmakers- the Light Leaks serves as a space for empowerment, support, and education. 

I work as the Light Leaks' social media manager, editor in chief, and general curator. I work with a volunteer editor and freelance marketing consultants.



Notable Moments
In July 2017, we spoke to Tilane Jones, Ava Duverynay’s right hand and the Executive Director of ARRAY NOW.
In August 2017, we held our first event, a film showcase entitled “Lens Flare”. Hosted at the
New Women Space in Brooklyn, over 100 people attended. We screened 7 films and had 2 readings.
In August 2017, I spoke to a group of Girls Who Code students.
In September 2017, BUST republishes our piece “As a Female Filmmaker, My Voice Changes Society”.
In November 2017, I hosted an event at Rutgers University entitled “iMovie for Beginners” sponsored by the university’s Gender and Media department.