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I’m the Digital Strategy Coordinator at MTV Social Impact as well as founder of the Light Leaks.

I've independently directed, written, edited, and produced various short films, web-series, documentaries, and countless social media clips. My past work experience includes internships at NBC's the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Late Night with Seth Meyers, MTV, Rachel Antonoff, Femsplain and freelance work for Spotify, Nike, Millennials of NY, and more. I'm very passionate about highlighting the need for representation in media and work to connect social impact to media in all that I do.

The Light Leaks is a website for the education, empowerment, and inspiration of women and GNC filmmakers that I started in Feb 2017 out of my dorm room. The site's goals are accomplished through editorial content as well as live events. The site has over 30k page views, partnerships with various female film-centric websites, and has gained recognition from BUST Magazine, Issa Rae Productions, NYU, Amy Poehler's Smart Girls, and more.

In addition to my work with photo and video, I also do speaking engagements as well as social media marketing!
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**all in chronological order**

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"Q&A with Kim Hoyos"- Wren and Mars Blog
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"Director's Note: 2:46 AM"- Lame Kid Zine Issue 2.5
"Diversity in Media: the Story of Kimberly Hoyos"- RU Voice Magazine
"Profile: Kim Hoyos and The Light Leaks"- The Rational Creature
"Kim and The Light Leaks"- Lame Kid Zine Issue 2.2
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"Obsessee Film Club: Meet 9 Young Filmmakers We Love"- Obsessee
"Kim Hoyos Is the Media Trailblazer We Didn’t Know We Needed"- HelloFlo
"She's Got the Juice" guest- 90.3 The Core
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"Central Park Says “I Love You” is a Charming Video"- Central Park Conservatory

"This Stareable Fest Panel About The Under-Representation Of Women In Media Will Inspire You To Create Your Own Opportunities" - Bustle
"NIKE NYC Go Getter: Elyse Fox" - NIKE, model for photoshoot
"Oscars Finally Diverse After 89 Years" - Golden Gate Xpress
"Smash The Film Patriarchy At The Light Leaks' "Lens Flare" Showcase"- BUST Magazine
"Being Latinx in Hollywood: Media creators talk representation"- Just Add Color
"Wonder Woman Showed Me That We Need to Keep Going"- Amy Poehler's Smart Girls
"Cypress Hill might not want to be Chance The Rapper’s intern – but these people sure do"- NME
"Chance the Rapper wants a new intern to 'put together decks and write proposals'" -BBC
"Chance The Rapper Offered Up An Internship On Twitter And People Are Super Serious"- Buzzfeed
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"Beyoncé Not Noticing That Serena Williams Won Wimbledon Is All Of Us"- Buzzfeed
"Beyoncé’s Clueless Reaction To Serena Williams Winning At Wimbledon Is Hilarious"- Elite Daily

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the 2016 Simon & Schuster release,  Millennials of New York
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"How this former Hillary Clinton staffer's new app plans to relieve your stress at work" - CNBC
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