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"How The Light Leaks is supporting marginalized young filmmakers" - Adolescent Content
"Q&A with Kim Hoyos"- Wren and Mars Blog
"WNYU: Off the Record"- WNYU
"Director's Note: 2:46 AM"- Lame Kid Zine Issue 2.5
"Diversity in Media: the Story of Kimberly Hoyos"- RU Voice Magazine
"Profile: Kim Hoyos and The Light Leaks"- The Rational Creature
"Kim and The Light Leaks"- Lame Kid Zine Issue 2.2
"C-41: Kim Hoyos & The Light Leaks"- LM2
"Obsessee Film Club: Meet 9 Young Filmmakers We Love"- Obsessee
"Kim Hoyos Is the Media Trailblazer We Didn’t Know We Needed"- HelloFlo
"She's Got the Juice" guest- 90.3 The Core
"Meet Kim Hoyos: A Smart Girl Making Movie Magic"- Amy Poehler's Smart Girls
"Central Park Says “I Love You” is a Charming Video"- Central Park Conservatory

"Smash The Film Patriarchy At The Light Leaks' "Lens Flare" Showcase"- BUST Magazine
"Being Latinx in Hollywood: Media creators talk representation"- Just Add Color
"Wonder Woman Showed Me That We Need to Keep Going"- Amy Poehler's Smart Girls
"Cypress Hill might not want to be Chance The Rapper’s intern – but these people sure do"- NME
"Chance the Rapper wants a new intern to 'put together decks and write proposals'" -BBC
"Chance The Rapper Offered Up An Internship On Twitter And People Are Super Serious"- Buzzfeed
"Chance The Rapper Puts Out Call For Intern"- HipHopDX
"Follow Back!!"- Clover Letter
"Find Your Happy Place: Support Women Directors"- Amy Poehler's Smart Girls
"#SmartGirlsAct"- Amy Poehler's Smart Girls
"Teens on Snapchat DGAF about ads, ignore the Discover tab"- The Daily Dot
"Beyoncé Not Noticing That Serena Williams Won Wimbledon Is All Of Us"- Buzzfeed
"Beyoncé’s Clueless Reaction To Serena Williams Winning At Wimbledon Is Hilarious"- Elite Daily

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the 2016 Simon & Schuster release,  Millennials of New York
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"Aloe App: This Self-Care App Will Remind You To Look After Yourself"- Huffington Post UK
"How a Job on Hillary Clinton's Campaign Led To a Brilliant Self-Care Invention"- Levo
"This New App Reminds You Take a Break from the Internet"- Brit + Co
"A new wellness app aims to reclaim the concept of self-care."- UpWorthy
"Aloe App is a new self-care app that will totally change your life"- Metro
"Dusty Pink"- Nooreen Ismail (Blog)
"Weekend Glow"- Nooreen Ismail (Blog)
"12 Social Media Warriors Who Helped Restore Our Faith in 2016" - MTV
"8 Millennials Of New York To Inspire Your Next Rant About The Youths (Or Make You Say #Same)"- Bust
"Why I Celebrate the Day I Was Diagnosed With Herpes"- MTV
"For Some Tech Feminists, Online harassment Is A Constant"-  CNBC
"Femsplain’s Amber Gordon Is Building A Better Reddit"-  Buzzfeed
"'Millennials of New York' gets real about Pokémon Go and shootings"-  The Daily Dot
"Sammy Nickalls - Talking Steps & Talking About It" - Sounds Good With Brenden Harvey
"6 Latinas Get Real About Why Men Almost Always Come Back"- Vivala
"Millennials of New York" Hilariously Parodies the Melodramas of Generation Y"- My Modern Met
"Ella Dawson is Fighting Against Herpes Stigma and So Should You"- HelloFlo
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