about me

I love storytelling and work to capture my thoughts, feelings and reality through video, photo, and words.

I've independently directed, written, edited, and produced various short films, web-series, documentaries, and countless social media clips. My past work experience includes internships at NBC's the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Late Night with Seth Meyers, MTV, Rachel Antonoff, Femsplain and freelance work for Spotify, Nike, Millennials of NY, and more. 

I think media can and should be used for good.

I coordinate digital strategy efforts for all of MTV's social impact campaigns, advise on upcoming shows with pro-social messaging, create messaging on breaking news issues in real time, and work across prosocial content for MTV, Vh1, and Logo. Basically, I work to bring social justice campaigns to life that educate our audience, normalize taboo topics and hopefully create accessible resources for change. I’m passionate about amplifying the voices of young people making change and hope to continue to make change myself. Most recently, I coordinated all digital content for MTV's +1 the Vote, a midterms elections campaign aimed at increasing youth voter turnout. I helped implement a plan that gained over 150 million digital impressions throughout the length of the campaign and also won a Shorty Award.

I started a company as junior in college.

The Light Leaks is a website for the education, empowerment, and inspiration of women and GNC filmmakers that I started in Feb 2017 out of my dorm room. The site's goals are accomplished through editorial content as well as live events. The site has over 30k page views, partnerships with various female film-centric websites, and has gained recognition from BUST Magazine, Issa Rae Productions, NYU, Amy Poehler's Smart Girls, and more. As a Latina artist I want to push minorities to the forefront of their own stories.


short bio

I’m a Latina filmmaker, Digital Strategy Coordinator at MTV Social Impact as well as founder of the Light Leaks. I’m primarily a filmmaker but work to highlight the need for representation in media in all work I do. In my work at MTV, I strategize digital campaigns that connect to social impact issues the MTV audience cares about. I’ve written for Refinery29, BUST Magazine, We Are Mitu, have had visual work published Brit + Co., CNBC, HelloFlo, and more. Additionally, I’ve done speaking engagements on topics ranging from mental health to creativity to representation in film for Urban Outfitters, Firefox, and at various film festivals as well as universities.


looking for opportunities including:

freelance video production (producing projects, editing, directing), influencer campaigns, speaking engagements, freelance writing for digital outlets