My Blog

Why I Started A Blog


I'm Kim. You probably know that because you're on my website. But I feel the need to introduce myself. 


I'm a filmmaker, photographer, activist, and generally-- a VERY big internet person. I've been actively on the internet for around 8 years or so now and this is my first attempt at a blogging.

Something very important that I've realized this year is how important transparency online is for me. Whether it's being open with anxiety, my creative process, or even posting selfies without makeup- I think that allowing the voice I have IRL to come through online has allowed me to somehow have an authentic social media brand that actually feels like who I am. 

"Authentic Social Media Brand"

It's a bit of an oxymoron. Branding, by default, is fabricated. Social media has become a highlight reel of everyone's lives. I think that sucks. I think it sucks that scrolling through a feed, people's lives look perfect. People are messy! dynamic! complicated! It might sound weird but I brand myself online by consciously choosing to display both the good and what the internet could consider taboo. 

Sometime between starting the Light Leaks last February and now, I've noticed an influx of teen girls who have found me online. Girls from across the country reach out to me via email and dm asking for advice on art, creativity, anxiety, and starting their careers. It's beautiful to me because I was that girl and in many ways I still am that girl. I grew up on the internet- learning from young women I admired and reaching out to them to ask for bits of their wisdom. I think there's an incredible power in having an email address and a bit of spunk.

This all ties together because I feel that the reason people reach out to me, or follow me on any platform is because it's a taste of reality on sites that can feel suffocating sometimes. I'm not trying to in any way bash anyone who DOES curate their content in specific ways. I curate too! What I'm saying is how important it is for myself personally to be able to post different content that may not fit my work with representation in media, food acct, or regular IG account. Like everyone else on this planet- I have dynamic interests. I love working out. I love traveling. I love reading up on skin care. And hey- I'm not good at makeup but I try!!

Because of my deep realizations in regards to the importance of transparency online both to myself and evidently to those who reach out for advice, support, etc- this blog is simply meant to be an extension of all of that. An extension of my brand. I want a space to dissect my thoughts and write without pressure. I'm starting this blog for myself but I know that once anything reaches the internet it's also for others. So, I hope this blog serves the purposes I'm starting it for, helps me discover new things about myself, and allows me to better document my life.