speaking engagements

I have experience speaking to large groups as well as in intimate classroom settings. I speak specifically on issues such as gender in media, representation in media, and community via the internet.


Upcoming Events

Urban Outfitters, Putting Yourself Out There: Self Care- And Social Media, May 2017- Brooklyn, NYC

I'll be speaking on a panel hosted by Urban Outfitter's Space 98. The panel centers on self care, digital spaces, and mental health. These topics are very close to my heart so I'm honored to be a part of this. 
- May 17th 7- 9 pm
- free, all ages event
- RSVP at: http://www.uospaces.com/ninety8/en/williamsburg-ny/events/200d97


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Imagine This Productions' 1st Annual Girl Power Film + Media Summit, March 2018 - Brooklyn, New York

I moderated a panel for Imagine This Productions' 1st Girl Power Film + Media Summit. The panel was called "Through Her Lens" and part of a day celebrating women in film through Q&As screenings, workshops, and more.

Rutgers University Society for Professional Journalists Internship Panel, March 2018 - New Brunswick, NJ

I was invited to speak on a panel focusing on my internship experiences and exploring all things career. Myself and the other panelists spoke about resumes, interviewing, and networking with others.

Panel on Women and Gender Studies, October 2017- Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ

I participated on a panel discussing ways to get involved at Rutgers, the importance of self care, and opportunities within the WGS department. The panel was geared towards first year students looking for guidance at Rutgers.

Mozilla Firefox, Rock the Boat: Women Talk the Rising Tides of Internet Activism, November 2017- Manhattan, NYC

I spoke on a panel sponsored by Mozilla Firefox that focused on women discussing the power of internet activism. I was alongside Aditi Juneja, Maureen Johnson, Amanda Litman, and Chasity Cooper. The talk took place on a Manhattan Ferry in order to promo Firefox's new, faster internet.

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Girls Who Code, August 2017- Harlem, NYC

I was invited to speak to a group of teen girls taking part in the NYC Girls Who Code program. I spoke about confidence, the internet, turning passion into a product for others as with my website The Light Leaks, and balancing school/work with other aspects of your life. 

ARIEL Spring Conference, April 2017- Drew University, Madison NJ

I spoke at Drew University's Latino cultural club's spring conference about the social and political importance of representation in media and my work with the Light Leaks.

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